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The Story

There are two kinds of magic(k).  The one without a ‘k’ refers to a sense of mystery, wonder, delight and infinite possibilities.  The one with a ‘k’ means true magick, melding nature’s energies and frequencies with your own to bring about desired results. Here we blend the two and welcome both.

Ok full disclosure, I am not a witch.

But I love reading about anything magickal or celestial - tarot, planetary, green, lunar, astral, hedge, sea, Norse, Stregheria, Appalachian, fae, dragons, myths - you name it I'll dive into it.  I have a working knowledge of and appreciation for many different crafts.  The mystery and enchantment of it lure me in time and again.
Yet I am very bad at maintaining a practice, creating an altar or meditating regularly.  Forget about remembering to set out some water on a full moon or which herb to drink during Imbolc.  I envy those who do.
So what is a demi-witch supposed to do?  
Fill her home and life with beautiful items touched by magick that she can grab regularly throughout the day and use to uplift mind, body and soul.
A hallmark of witchcraft is the use of clean, simple, earth-conscious ingredients normally picked by the witch herself.  Likewise, we source goods domestically and abroad that share our love of small-batch, organic, handmade, and overall earth-consciousness.  Many of our vendors do pick the ingrediants themselves, or work them by hand. Attention to detail, particularly packaging, is also very important.  The visual sense is just as powerful as taste or touch.  A glance at a lovely bottle or rich color can delight as quickly as a bite of chocolate.
We also understand that it's nearly impossible to hit all of those marks at one time, but we try.
With that in mind, you might notice we sell out very quickly.  That's because we go for small-batch brands, but rest assured we will restock as fast as we can.  Check back often.  As we grow and learn what you, affectionately called the Coven, love, we will stock more of that in the future.  
Your source for easy, beautiful magic
XO, Kyera

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