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3 Tips to get through Mercury Retrograde

3 Tips to get through Mercury Retrograde

2023 Retrogrades: 

🌟 December 29th - January 18th 🌟
April 21 to May 14
August 23 to September 14
December 13 to January 1, 2024
Mercury rules all forms of communications and mental clarity. When it goes Retrograde, or appears to reverse course in the sky, miscommunication and mental fogginess result.

Work often becomes difficult due to short tempers, poor communication, mistakes in editing and general negativity.

Personal lives become filled with explosive emotions, lack of patience with each other and a sense of frustration at how slowly things seem to be moving. You're putting in all the effort, but nothing is happening.

It's easy to blame Mercury for this - but it is all within our control.

  • Slow down
  • Take a breath before reacting
  • Practice your patience
  • Triple check all emails and written communications
  • Tune inward for mental clarity
  • Forgive yourself when the day goes off the rails
  • Hold off on important negotiations and decisions until after the Retrograde (if you can)

Sounds pretty tough, right? And it may be, but you can cheat a little and follow these 3 tips for a calm Retrograde:

  • CARRY OR WEAR THE CRYSTAL AQUAMARINE: this is the communication crystal and is associated with the throat and heart chakras.  It will assist with measured, grounded communication and an effort to double check all written communications.  
  • SEEK OUT THE COLOR BLUE: it is the color of communication, calmness and patience.  It has a proven relaxing effect on the mind, allowing for clearer mental clarity and a better chance of interacting instead of reacting.  
  • DRINK PEPPERMINT TEA: Peppermint boosts the mood and instantly clears the mind when you get a good whiff of it - consider keeping a vial of the liquid version in your purse and taking a sniff every now and then.  An excellent choice for the 2pm mid-day droop.  


mercury retrograde roller
The Mercury Retrograde Grounding Roller in our shop contains Peppermint, along with a host of grounding scents like rosemary and clove.

polaris candle
Or go for the Polaris candle, a bright combination of peppermint and eucalyptus.

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As for Aquamarine, consider a pair of delicatly beautiful, handmade Aquamarine earrings.

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