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Simple Full Moon Rituals

Simple Full Moon Rituals


Formed by a planet-sized hunk of rock hurtling into Earth and splitting off a piece, the Moon has captivated humans since we could talk about it.  In the magical realm its power is almost unrivaled.  Able to heal, soothe, enlighten, reveal, transcend, ground, uplift, charm and inspire, it is a powerhouse of the celestial. 

The three days of the Full Moon, the phase during which the entire Moon face is illuminated, is the time of abundance, celebration, energy, completion and evaluation.  It is a great time to plan new ventures and make decisions.  It is also the time when a Coven will meet and Wiccans will celebrate the Goddess Moon. 

Some people perform full rituals under the light of the moon, but most of us don’t have the time or the knowledge to do that.  If you live in the city, it’s hard to even find a quiet spot to lay out under the moonlight.  So, we came up with a few simple ways to take advantage of the Full Moon no matter your location or knowledge level.

Touch the Moonlight

The Full Moon is said to “charge”, or fill with energy, anything that bathes in its light.  So let it touch you.  That means any part of your skin, whether it's through a window or completely outside.  A fingertip will do.  As you touch the light, attempt to calm your mind and focus on breathing, but if your mind keeps running that’s perfectly ok too.  The moonlight will work in the background.  The moon rules our emotions, so if anything comes up like frustration or sadness or anger just let it fill your body and then release it.

Moon Water

Much like ourselves, water can also be charged by the moon.  Many people like to put water out underneath a Full Moon to create Moon Water.  You can make this yourself by putting a mason jar of water on the windowsill during the Full Moon, or you can purchase it to use.  Besides drinking it yourself, this special water has plenty of handy uses:

  • Moon Tea: use the charged water to make tea.  Boiling it is best, as the microwave heats the water unevenly.  Besides, the point of tea is to relax and slow down for a bit, and the old-fashioned kettle helps put you in that mindset. 
  • Moon Bath: Pour a jar of Moon Water into your next bath.  Add your favored bath crystals or bath bomb and set your intention.  Soak while breathing deeply and letting your mind wander, occasionally touching on your intentional thought.  See what comes up. 
  • Water your Plants: Moon Water makes excellent plant food. Pass along the energy of the moonlight to your pet plants and watch them grow. We’re believers in talking to plants, so give them some encouragement while you do.


Take a page from the original Covens of old and go dancing!  The Full Moon was a time of celebration and gathering, which meant dancing.  No need to strip down and find a field; go out for a girl’s night to the club, turn on your favorite record and shimmy around the living room with your partner, do a tiny little wiggle in the privacy of your bathroom.  The point is movement and joy.

Herbs and Plants to Use

  • Lemongrass: The herb of clarity and communication.  Pick up a package of lemongrass tea or add it to recipes during the Full Moon if you’re confused about your direction/choices or need help with communication.
  • Five-Finger Grass: The catch-all herb for attracting, manifesting and blessing.  Because the Full Moon is also about drawing energies towards you, this herb compliments it well.  Pick up a candle, essential oil or a dried version of it to use during this time.
  • Mugwort: A classic “witch” plant often used for psychic dreams, astral travel and visions. It’s a great choice if you’re having trouble narrowing down your intentions or have confusion about which choice to make.  It helps you connect to your subconscious – she already knows the answers to all your questions.  Wear it as a talisman or brew it in a tea.

Crystals to Wear or Carry

  • Moonstone: This crystal works well during any phase of the moon, but its energy is heightened at the Full Moon.  It’s a stone of meditation and intuition, enhancing psychic abilities and creativity.  If you’re looking for inspiration, choose this gem.
  • Clear Quartz: An excellent choice for those who want healing or protection.  It’s a workhorse of a crystal, encompassing many different purposes, but during the Full Moon it’s great for anyone starting a new venture.
  • Citrine: A beautiful yellow-orange crystal that attracts prosperity and positivity.  The bright gem helps shift and transform negative thought patterns and emotions, so keep one close by when setting your intentions under the Full Moon.

Read up on your Moon Sign

Your Zodiac sign isn’t the only sign in your chart.  Usually people only know their Sun Sign, which is the sign that corresponds with the month you were born.  You also have a Moon Sign that predominantly influences your emotional/subconscious self.  It is the sign that the Moon was in when you were born.  Read up on your Moon Sign and see if it resonates with you – sometimes it’s like a puzzle piece clicking into place.

Smudge or Spray

Smudging, or the act of burning dried herbs, cleanses a space and clears out any old/unwanted/negative energies and auras.  This lines up perfectly with the Full Moon symbolism of letting go of anything holding you back.  White Sage is the traditional and most popular smudging herb, but you can also smudge with Cedar, Frankincense or Palo Santo.  If you aren’t a fan of the smoke or have allergies, a smudge spray also works just as well.

 Buy an African Violet Flower

The African Violet is a beautiful blooming plant with bright purple petals and a soft, fuzzy texture.   It is known for attracting positive energies into households, and that talent extends to attracting lunar light.  Place it on the windowsill during the Full Moon and let it soak in the energies, then add a few of the petals to your bath whenever you need a little moon magic.

Cleanse your Face and Hands

The Full Moon is a time of cleansing and clearing out before beginning the next phase.  A simple way to symbolize this is to wash your hands and face while consciously connecting to the moon’s energy.  Water and the moon are linked together through the tides, and water is a powerful conductor of the moon’s frequency.  As you wash, allow the water to cleanse and purify as you set the intent to let go of whatever keeping you down.    


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