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10 Best Occult Bath Bombs

10 Best Occult Bath Bombs

What's so special about these compact, baking soda-and-salt-packed spheres?   No longer limited to a sphere shape, bath bomb makers have unleashed their imagination in both shape and ingredients.  Many have turned to magic, witchcraft and astrology for design inspiration.

Below are the top 10 occult-themed bath bombs we've ever seen.  Their shapes, natural ingredients and ingenuity drive them to the top of the occult bath bomb list. 



Crescent City Swoon
(double bonus, you get both the cauldron and the rose quartz afterwards)
crescent city swoon love spell bath comb with rose quartz heart


Hotsy Totsy Haus
(includes a huge amethyst crystal)
skull bath bomb with amethyst crystal by hotsy totsy haus


Crescent City Swoon
(perfect single-use size)
witch bitch mini planchette bath bomb from crescent city swoon


The Spiced Divine
(comes in 4 scents)
crystal coffin bath bombs by the spiced divine


Crescent City Swoon
(ok, clearly Crescent City knows what they're doing)
tarot card bath bomb from crescent city swoon


Magic Fairy Candles
(extra points for packaging)
magic fairy candles zodiac sign bath bomb with crystal topper


Sub Rosa Bazaar
(choose your chakra)
geode chakra crystal bath bombs from sub rosa bazaar


Boba Bath Time
(get to choose your scent)
evil eye bath bomb from boba bath time


Ivy Moon Body Care
witchy black cat bath bomb from ivy moon body care


Hidden Forest Naturals
(a variety of crystals and scents available)
geode crystal bath bomb from hidden forest naturals

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