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8 Stunning Handmade Sun Rings

8 Stunning Handmade Sun Rings

As we enter August and Leo season, the sun is on everyone's minds here in the Northern Hemisphere.  It's hard to miss the sun during the summer, burning bright and hot for the longest time out of the year.  

In symbolism the Sun, as the sustainer of life, represents vitality, energy and optimsim.  The Sun also burns continuously, never running out of fuel; therefore, it represents wealth and abundance.  People often wear jewelry with representations of the Sun to remind them of the joy possible in each moment, and to foster motivation or creativity.

Browse the 8 small-batch, handmade rings below to find the perfect version of a Sun ring for yourself, and be reminded of the joy and abundance available to you 🌞


Yugen Handmade
Available in both gold and silver
yugen handmade sunrise ring



from $78

Multiple design and material options available
gldn celestial meuse band


Black Crystal Jewels


Available in silver and gold
black crystal jewels dainty sunburst ring


Rhunda Jewelry

From $99

Multiple materials available
rhunda jewelry core of the sun ring


My Limo is Waiting

Wins for best name 😄

my limo is waiting gold sunstone sun ring


Ers Jewelry Design

From $55.49

A ton of materials available!
ers jewelry design gold sun ring


Fractal Moon Creations


You get to choose the center gemstone
fractal moon designs cute copper sun ring


Zeals Fine Jewelry

From $160.30

Choose between cubic zirconia and real diamond
zeals fine jewelry solid gold diamond sun ring


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