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The Healing Power of White: Using Color in Magic & Ritual

The Healing Power of White: Using Color in Magic & Ritual

White, the color of fresh snow and new beginnings, resonates with purity, cleansing, healing, and positive energy. In physics, it holds all the other colors within it - this grants it the power to enhance the qualities of any other color being used in a ritual.  It is a fundamental element in many magical traditions and rituals. Here are three way to incorporate white magic into your practice:



  • Clear the Air: White candles are a staple for cleansing and healing rituals. Burning a white candle can clear negative energy from a space or object, creating a fresh energetic slate. If you don't have any white candles on hand, keep a pack of white matches handy instead.
  • Salt Scrub: Salt, especially sea salt, is a powerful purifier in many traditions. A white salt soak can be used physically and energetically to remove negativity and invite positivity.  A salt-based bath bomb can also do the trick.



  • Promoting Wellness: White light is often visualized for healing purposes. During meditation, picture a white light enveloping your body, promoting physical and emotional well-being. A white candle can also be very powerful for this meditation.
  • Fresh Starts: The color white is associated with new beginnings. Wearing white garments or incorporating white candles into rituals can symbolize fresh starts, new projects, or personal growth.  Accessories like white nail polish can also promote new beginnings.



  • A Blank Canvas: White's neutrality makes it a powerful amplifier. It is nature's neutral, allowing it to be a chameleon in rituals.  When using colored candles or objects in rituals, a white candle alongside them can strengthen their magical properties.  This may be the color white's most powerful, desireable property.


Remember, intention is key!  As you use white in your magic, focus on the specific qualities you wish to cultivate. White's versatility makes it a valuable tool for creating positive change in your practice and life.


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