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The Fierce Passion of Red: Using Color in Magic & Ritual

The Fierce Passion of Red: Using Color in Magic & Ritual

Red, the color of fire and passion, pulsates with vibrant energy. In magic and rituals, it's a potent force associated with love, desire, strength, courage, and action. Let's explore three ways to incorporate the magic of red in your daily life and/or practice.


  • Romantic Spark: Red candles are a famous staple in love spells. Their flame ignites passions and strengthens existing relationships. Using red-tipped matches can boost the spark as well.  Red roses, a timeless symbol of love, can also be incorporated into love rituals - or bath bombs!
  • Boosting Attraction: Red gemstones like garnet are associated with attraction and desire. Wearing garnet jewelry or carrying a polished stone can enhance your confidence and charisma.


  • Inner Fire: Red is linked to the root chakra, the seat of primal energy and courage. Visualizing yourself surrounded by red light can bolster your inner strength and determination, as can wearing red gemstones.
  • Taking Action: When facing challenges, incorporating red into rituals can symbolize the courage to take action. A red power stone like ruby can be a source of strength and motivation. If you don't have rubys on hand, any color red jewelry will do - including glass.  It's more about the intention than the object.


  • Banishing Negativity: While often associated with positive energy, red can also be used for protection. Red peppers, for instance, are used in some traditions to ward off negativity and evil influences.  
  • Wear your Will:  An easy way to use color magic every day is to intentially select your outfits. Choose red days you want to entice a romantic interest, boost your confidence, take decisive action or attract attention.

Remember, intention is key! As you use red in your magic, focus on the specific qualities you wish to cultivate. Red's vibrancy makes it a powerful tool to spark positive change in your practice.


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