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The Peaceful Power of Blue: Using Color in Magic and Rituals

The Peaceful Power of Blue: Using Color in Magic and Rituals

Blue, the color of twilight skies and calming oceans, holds a powerful place in magic and rituals. It's a versatile hue that can be harnessed for tranquility, wisdom, communication, and protection. Let's delve into three ways you can incorporate the color blue into your life and/or ritual practices.


  • Peace: Light blues evoke feelings of peace and tranquility. Light blue candles can be used in meditations for relaxation, or incorporated into spells for calmness and emotional balance.
  • Protection: Deeper shades of blue are associated with protection. Blue salt, for instance, is commonly used to create a protective barrier around a person or space, warding off negativity.


  • Confidence in Communication: Blue is linked to the throat chakra, the center of communication. Wearing blue stones like turquoise or lapis lazuli can bolster your confidence and eloquence when speaking.  
  • Wisdom's Light: Deeper blues are connected to wisdom and intuition. If you're seeking guidance, incorporate dark blue candles or lapis lazuli stones into your rituals for introspection and insight.


  • Visualize Tranquility: Even without physical objects, you can harness the power of blue. During meditation, envision yourself surrounded by a calming blue light to promote feelings of peace.
  • Wear your Will:  An easy way to use color magic every day is to intentially select your outfits.  Choose blue on days you need to communicate effectively, or if you know you are going to play the peacemaker that day.

Remember, intention is key!  As you incorporate blue into your magic, focus on the specific qualities you wish to cultivate. Whether it's serenity, protection, or communication, blue can be a powerful tool to enhance your practice.


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