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Imbolc: 5 Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

Imbolc: 5 Ways to Celebrate Imbolc
Imbolc: the midpoint between the Winter and Spring Solstices, a time of returning warmth, and the purview of the Celtic goddess Brigid.  We begin to come out of the darkness of winter into the sunlight of spring, life starts to grow, and hope buds out of the cold stillness.  It is a time of clearing, cleansing and imagination.  Below you'll find 5 easy ways in invite the energy of Imbolc into your home and life.

1. Clear & Cleanse

This is the primary purpose of Imbolc: let go of what you no longer want and prepare the space for the new.  This could mean closests and rooms, or relationships, or friendships, or work.  If clearing a physical space, perform a quick cleansing ritual like saging afterwards to refresh the space.  

2. Make a Brigid's Cross or Brigid's Doll

Brigid, the Celtic goddess of fetility, light and creativity, is the main deity associated with Imbolc. Her Cross and Doll are woven from straw or wheat.  The Cross symbolizes protection, while the Doll symbolizes fertility, renewal and fortune.  Learn how to make the Doll in the video here with Wright at Home, and the Cross here with Michael Fortune.  The Irish accents are so beautiful 😊

3. Let your Creativity Flow

Imbolc is all about setting fire to your imagination.  No purpose needed; express and create as you desire, letting the ideas and visions flow fast and fierce. Paint, write, draw, build, dance...any kind of expression works.

4. Light a Candle

Yes, it's that simple!  Fire is a core symbol of Imbolc.  It's a time to celebrate light in all its form.  The candleflame in particular signifies light, warmth and energy.  Set a few up as part of your alter, on your mantle, next to your bed or on your desk at work.  Explore our candle collection if you're running low at home.

5. Cultivate a Hopeful Future

Plant the optimistic seeds that you will grow in the spring.  Decide on broad goals, plans and intentions that you will map out later in the season.  You can also decide to switch up your midset, focusing on optimism and hope, or confidence and self-esteem.  Imbolc encourages fresh hope, renewed purpose and a better future ahead.



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