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7 Creative Ways to Reuse Candles Once They're Done

7 Creative Ways to Reuse Candles Once They're Done

I'll say it outright: no home is complete without candles. In the gentle flicker of candlelight, we find a cozy realm of mystique and wonder, a realm where stories unfold and spirits roam. I don't about you, but I always wished I could reuse those beautiful holders and deliciously scented wax.  After a bit of research, it turns out there are plenty of ways to give your favorite candles a second life!


This method preserves the beautiful candle holder, and also sets you up for the rest of the bullet points by getting the wax out of the jar.  In order to use the candle container for something new, like a vase, pencil holder or fairy light container, you need to remove the wax.  There are plenty of methods, but the easiest is the freezer version.  When it's cold, wax shrinks.  Pop that used candle into the freezer overnight, take out in the morning, flip it over, give it a thump, and a lump of wax should fall right out.  If it doesn't use a spoon or knife to gently scoot it out.  Check out this article for a dozen other ways to remove the wax if you don't like the freezer idea.

Old Soul Artisan candles


Possibly my favorite re-use of candles.  Embrace the charm of the past by using candle wax to seal envelopes or letters, or decorate your projects. Simply drip some melted wax onto the flap of the envelope and press a stamp or personalized seal into it before it hardens. This elegant touch adds a nostalgic appeal to any correspondence.


Why invest in store-bought air fresheners when you can create your own using leftover candle wax? Simply melt the remnants and pour them into a mold over dried flowers, herbs, or potpourri. Allow them to solidify, and voilà! You've got a natural and fragrant wax mold that freshens up any space.  Pop it into a sachet, or hang it from a closet hook.  Read up on the details of how to make these wax molds here.


Combine different candle wax leftovers to create a unique blend. Melt the wax of various scented candles in a double boiler and pour them into a new container or mold. Have empty tealights?  These containers work well for catching the larger candle leftovers.  Not only will you create a personalized fragrance, but you'll also reduce waste and make the most out of each candle's remaining life.


Revamp your home fragrance game by creating your own wax-infused oil diffusers. Mix melted wax with essential oils of your choice and let it solidify. Place the infused wax in a dish or a warmer, and as it melts, it releases a delightful aroma that fills your space with natural goodness.

temperance tarot candle

Don't let those beautiful candles go to waste! Embrace creativity and sustainability by repurposing their wax remnants in various imaginative ways. From infused sachets to custom-blend candles, each reuse not only reduces waste but also adds a personal touch to your living spaces. So, the next time you burn a candle down to its last bit, remember that its glow can shine on in creative ways.



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