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5 Leo Gift Ideas for 5 Different Leos

5 Leo Gift Ideas for 5 Different Leos

We all know the core Leo Zodiac personality - bright, charistmatic, optimistic, joyful and lover of attention.  But every Lion is different, with individual tastes and preferences and hobbies.  If you're having trouble picking a gift for your bubbly Leo friend, check out the guide below for a few ideas based on targeted interests.  



Blame it on the Fire element, but this Leo loves her matches.  And candles.  She hoardes them, collects them, gives them.  They line her bathtub, gather on her dining table and sit on every shelf.  She'll love the pairing of candle + matchbook - especially the "Leo" written in giant glittering letters. 

leo matchbook

The Social Type
ritual provisions candle leo
Ritual Provisions
sunrise candles
Cave Glow Studios
candlefolk orange matches


This Lion has an unending flow of creativity within her.  It springs forth naturally, and she loves spending time creating and designing.  Whether it is a full-time career or a side passion for her, this Leo will love a gift that enhances her imagination.  

citrine crystal bath bomb

Hidden Forest Naturals
everyday magic hair and body oil
Luna + Quartz
cai and jo leo card
Cai & Jo


Leo's planet is the Sun, and their personalities shine just as fierce.  This Leo loves lounging under the rays, finding every excuse to spend time outside soaking it up.  Shower her with gifts reminiscent of her favorite place to be.  

the sunrise ring gold
Yugen Handmade
sunrise tea
Big Heart Tea
sunstone stud earrings
Silver Lily Studios
rising sun bath soak
Wild Yonder Botanicals


A Lion never leaves the house without her accessories.  No matter how simple the outfit, her jewels shine.  This Leo loves sparkling, golden jewels that catch the light of the sun and draw all eyes to her.

wild child earrings
Native Gem Jewelry
garnet threader earrings
Linda Trent Jewelry
north star ring
Electric Picks Jewelry
native gem jewelry talisman earrings
Native Gem Jewelry


Crystals set off the light of the sun, and this Leo loves it.  She treats her crystals like pets, cleansing and clearing them, letting them breathe in the sunlight.  She uses them as tools, knows the different spiritual meaning for each, and often gifts them to others.  She'll love these products that incorporate crystals.

love and light crystal smudge set
leo crystal nail polish
Love by Luna
wolf moon perfume
Olivine Atelier
leo bath bomb
Magic Fairy Candles

Still looking for a gift?  Check out our entire Leo Zodiac Collection!
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