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Libra Zodiac Sign - The Scales

Libra Zodiac Sign - The Scales
Bright, observant, charming optimists that can talk circles around you with such a sweet smile that you don't even realize you're being manipulated.  But they say such kind things, and offer so many compliments, that at the end of the day you don't really mind at all.  To understand the Libra, you must understand their driving forces of fairness, balance, justice, beauty and winning.  The Scales LOVE a good debate, so don't be shy about starting one on any topic.  Just don't be surprised when you come out at the end, slightly disheveled, possibly in love, and definitely certain the Libran won but you're not sure how.  Librans bend logic and emotion to their will with the ease of bending bamboo.  As an Air sign, the intellect is Queen and supersedes emotion or senses.  They have an innate desire to know everything about a person (which makes them excellent party guests), and because of this they are attracted to their opposite.  Ironically, they also value balance, and will attempt to smooth out the differences between them into a perfect mesh.  Governed by Venus, she has bestowed upon them a love of beauty, romance, perfumes and luscious treats.  Think perfumed love letters, moonlit walks, wandering the halls of a museum hand in hand.  This might make you think that Librans are superficial, weak and traditionally-minded.  They are not.  They are a Cardinal sign with the only inanimate object of the Zodiac as their symbol.  Their soft exterior has an iron-firm interior, distanced from emotions, and can be cold and unfeeling in their actions.  As a true observasonist, Libra sees all sides and embraces all viewpoints. They will only cast judgement once they have heard and considered all sides.  They are the definition of "open minded".  But, as the Scales, they balance this with their pleasent exterior.  As a boundless optimist, the Libran see the potential of the future, has the intellect to come up with a plan to get there, and the creativity to find the right people to make it happen.  
The Ancient Romans named the Libra constellation, which means "weighing scales", or the Scales of Justice.  In their symbology, the constellation was held by Astraeia, the Goddess of Justice.  It is the only non-living symbol of the Zodiac.
Libra is the Cardinal Air sign, which is the "leader" modeality.  Unlike the other Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn), Libra rules with a soft fist.  Tact and diplomacy are the weapons of choice, and they are experts at deployment and strategy.  As lovers of fairness, they often ask for input and constructive criticism from their subordinates.  The Scales abhor conflict and want to be liked by those they lead, but this can lead to a blurring of the lines between boss and employee.  
Ah, Venus!  Named after the Roman Goddess of love, it is a planet of swirling clouds of romance, beauty and optimism.  Libra actually shares the planet with Taurus, but where Taurus received the more earthy and sensual side of Venus, Libra receieved the airy, light, romantic side.  If you are attempting to woo a Libra, a date to an international film followed by a delicious dinner will do more than couch cuddles and intimacy.  And don't forget the jewelry, Librans love jewelry.  Venus also bestowed upon them a love of being in love, which makes them excellent dating partners but harder to pin down long-term.  She also granted them their enternal optimism, turning them into bright pinpoints of light in the darkest hours.  Forget about silver linings; Librans can turn the whole cloud gold.  
In a strange twist of fate for the only inanimate object in the Zodiac, Libra rules all kinds of relationships.  Marriage, partnerships, friendships, family,'s all under the 7th House.  Naturally then, Libra cares a great deal aboutgetting along with other people and will absolutely twist themselves all about to make sure everyone gets along.  This makes them excellent mediators, arbiters, friends and lovers.  It does, however, mean they have to be extra careful not to get so caught up in how others feel that they neglect their own needs.  
As the ruler of the 7th House, Libra also needs a partner.  Usually this is romantic, because of Venus, but it can also be a small, core group of friends.  If it is romantic, Libra can fall head over heels quickly and then suddenly cool off, repeating this pattern for years.  A common lesson for Libra is to learn that love isn't just the initial rush of excitement and butterflies, and to appreciate the slow burn of a long romance.  
On the surface, no one has trouble falling for a Libra.  The Scales like to have a few contenders in the wings.  These adorable Scales seem to be perfect: sweet, kind, smart, wordly, driven, talented.  They're expert romantics, making sure to remember that little gift you wanted, taking the time to plan dates, always looking and smelling lovely.  And if it were up to the Libra, that's how it would stay forever.  But eventually, you get to know them better.  And that's when the true contenders appear.  Because once you've engaged a Libra in debate, or heard them play both sides of an arguement, or watched as they deliberated an outfit for 2 hours, not everyone wants to stay.  Luckily for Libra, the optimism of Venus allows them an incredible resiliance.  After a few days of sadness, they'll be right back to flirting and smiling and falling in love again.
Compatability-wise, the Libra gets along famously with Aries and Sagittarius, bouying each other up, always going on adventures, engaging the intellect, never bored.  Gemini and Libra will never stop talking, and will bond over their shared traits as Air signs.  Aquarius intrigues Libra, and while they might not be the best romantic partner, they can achieve visionary results in work or the world if paired together.  
Cancer bogs Libra down with their heavy emotions that Libra can't understand.  Virgo will drive Libra nuts with the constant nit-picking and the sense that the Virgo keeps tugging Libra's balloon back to the Earth.  And Scorpio, while at first very attractive to Libra because of the darkness and moodiness surrounding the Scorpion, will eventually cage in the Libra until they want to flee.
If wooing (yes, wooing again, because Libra loves that word) a Libra, just remember to pretend you're in a Jane Austen novel and read up on your trivia facts.

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