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Leo Zodiac Sign - The Lion

Leo Zodiac Sign - The Lion
Charistmatic, effusive, generous, jovial and radiating optimism, the proud lions gather entourages and fans everywhere they go. Yes, they love the attention, but for some reason you don't mind giving it to them. They're just so loveable.  The Lion rises at the height of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and Leo embodies that firey warmth and energy.  Like the sun, Leo can't help but shine big and bright.  Regality and confidence come naturally to the dazzling Leo.  Occasionally they dip into theatrics and drama, especially when emotionally wounded, but it never lasts very long.  At work they flood the office with enthusiasm and optimism, whether as boss or an employee.  The Leo cares less about being in charge and more about personal happiness.  Be kind to your Leo's - they might have an unruffled exterior, but their hearts are large and vulnerable. The sweet Lions are quick to feel hurt, and thrive in a complimentary environment. Make sure to smooth their mane and tickle them under the chin every so often, and they'll purr away.
As with all of the Zodiac constellations, the Greek astronomer Ptolemy discovered and named it in the 2nd century BC.  Leo means "lion", and it represented the Nemean lion from Greek mythology.  The Greek hero Hercules killed the Nemean lion as part of his heroic labours.  Before the Greeks, the Ancient Egyptians revered the Leo cluster of stars because it heralded the warmest part of the year - and the life-giving flooding of the Nile.  
Nothing phases the Lion.  Well, at least that they'll admit.  As a Fixed sign Leo holds the course, and that course happens to be towards the next great party.  With their natural charisma and blinding smile, Leo's end up with an enchanting gravitational pull.  The consistancy associated with Fixed signs increases their ability to draw followers, employees, promotions, friends, lovers.  Interestingly, Leo is not a Cardinal/Leader sign, though outwardly they appear to be one.  Leo's have no intrinstic need to be in charge or in control; they do not mind having a boss or following rules, so long as they're having a good time.
The largest body in our solar system rules the largest personality of the Zodiac.  The Sun imparts positivity, joy, energy, warmth, vivaciousness and vitality to the Lions it governs.  The Lions in turn bask in its rays (or the rays of complements), soaking up and emiting its vibrant waves to the rest of us.  How can the Lions help but act a touch proud now and again, when the creator of all life is their ruler? (perhaps the Sunrise ring for the lovely Leo?)
Unlike Gemini and Cancer before them, Leo turns back inwards with it's House.  At its core, and threaded throughout all its interactions, The Lion seeks personal pleasure, amusement and joy.  They just love themselves so much. This is not to say they're selfish.  Instead they weave these desires into their life naturally, following the path that seems most fun and exciting, avoiding the somber and brooding.  For example, if given the option between a shower or a bath, the Leos will choose a candle-lit bubble bath complete with an eponymous Leo Zodiac Bath Bomb, glass of wine in hand. Perhaps that is what makes them so magnetizing - a light and jovial willingness to put their happiness first. They won't shirk serious responsbilities either (though small ones might not make the cut).  Fear not, Leo's are fiercely loyal as friends or lovers; they don't know how not to be fierce about anything.  Neutrality, wavering and timidity only appear in Leos when they go through deeply troubling times.

Oh, to be in love with a Leo!  They are a joy to be around, cuddly and warm, bestowing their smiles and gifts upon you.  But, you have to hold up your end of the bargain too.  The Leo thrives on compliments, praise and companionship from its partners.  If you seem lacking in any of those areas, Leo will cool and become more aloof.  The Lions cannot conceal their emotions and feelings, and distrust those who do.  Pick up their favorite dinner, drop by with some flowers, or send a letter and the Lion will be nuzzling your cheek again.  

Leo is very compatable with other Leos, though be careful to not let it dissolve into a competition for praise.  Sagittarius and Aries, fellow Fire signs, get along famously with the Lions. With Sagittarians great and wild avdentures are afoot, while Aries and Leo just might rule the world together - or burn it down.  Libra partners very well with Leo, as both love good food, beatiful surroundings, praise and parties.

Challenging relationships include Scorpio, who dampens the mood of Leo, and Virgo, who imposes too many rules and won't play the praise game.  

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