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Virgo Zodiac Sign - The Maiden

Virgo Zodiac Sign - The Maiden
Practical, logical and extremely attached to their routines.  Virgos plot their way through life, enjoying the details and miniscule observations that others miss.  This makes them extremely successful in their careers, though they may need to learn compromise in relationships.  Virgo defines "perfectionist" in their quest for efficiency, always seeking refinement and improvement in every aspect of life.  This includes relationships - when confronted with conflict in love, the Maidens will attempt to course-correct as best they can (if they view the relationship as worth the effort).  Virgo LOVES a new project or challenge that will engage their entire mind.  Naturally prone to service of others, the Maidens enjoy working for the benefit of others.  Sometimes, this urge to serve comes before their own family and friends.  When they sense a higher calling, they quietly and completely devote their entire existence to it.  Typically armed with a formidable sense of self and humbled confidence, the Maidens have the gift of self assurance without ego.  They know who they are, why they’re here and what they need to do.  This makes them extremely attractive as friends and mates.  Plus, they’ll keep you on schedule - and enjoy doing it.
Discovered by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD, the Virgo constellation means "virgin" in Greek.  It referred originally to Ceres, mother of Persephone and goddess of the harvest, because her festival occured when Virgo was highest in the sky.  Before the Greeks named that cluster of stars, the Babylonians called it "The Furrow", in reference to their Goddess Shala's ear of grain.  It is the second-largest Zodiac constellation and its brightest star is Spica, which can easily be seen from Earth.  Its appearance marks the begining of the Harvest season in the Northern hemisphere.  Consider our North Star ring if you're drawn to Spica.
Mutable signs govern communication in all forms, which at first may seem at odds with the quietly efficient Virgos.  But Virgo excels at communication between parties in order to facilitate outcomes.  Communication is the lubrication for the complex plans the Maidens have developed for most tasks in their lives, from the home to work to play.  They understand the need for compromise, collaboration and discussion in order to achieve the best outcome.  At work, this ability shines the best.  Put a Virgo as Project Manager, and rest assured your project will come to fruition in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of friction.  Drop a box fo Focus Pocus tea on their desk to help out.
Speaking of communication...Mercury (also ruler of Gemini) is the god of communication, eloquence, wit and messages.  He also rules mobilzation of plans.  Bascially, he is a Virgo personified.  He bestows upon the Maidens a delicate (sometimes sharp) wit, a comfortableness with words, and a subtly of cummincation that Gemini lacks.  Whereas Gemini is social, bouncing from conversation to conversation, Virgo will stay with one discussion until it has born out its goal.  They are consistent, dedicated and patient when it comes to words.  
The body has more worth to Virgo than any other Zodiac sign because without it nothing can be accomplished.  Before it came the sign of Leo, who worshipped their body as a Queen might, but Virgo worships it as the vessel for life.  It is a deeper, more nuanced appreciation for the physical body.  Because of that, they value self-health and that of others above all else. Balance in all things, including their body, is paramount.  A call to service comes from the deepest part of their being and is very hard to ignore.  Most often this creates tension in romance when the Virgo of the relationship puts work before his/her partner.  They don't do this out of a warped sense of pride or achievement; rather, the Virgo truly believes she is changing the world for the better with her work, which benefits her partner in the long run.  Maidens don't understand selfishness, because all of their actions are meant to improve the world.  


The Virgos walk calmy through life, happy with or without a partner.  Sometimes the urge comes upon them to experience life with someone at their side, but often it is the other who must make the first move.  Once they do, they will be rewarded with a loyal, devoted, kind, caring partner in the Maiden.  As an Earth sign, Virgo does not shy from physical love and enjoys exploring the body.  Routine, consistancy and practicality creates comfort and ease in relationships.  Spontenaeity does not come naturally to Virgo, but so long as you don't tred too much on their routines they will welcome it.  The occasional criticism is also not meant to hurt, but to improve, and is said with the best of intentions (despite the possibly dry delivery).  Prepare to play second fiddle to their work or service projects once in a while, confident in the fact that your Virgo values you above any other human.  Oh, and don't hold your breath for those flowers and chocolate.  You're much more likely to get that mixing bowl you've been eyeing or a pair of earrings you said you liked 7 months ago.  Romeos they are not, but Virgos remeber details.  For some, that's romance enough.

Virgo plays extremely well with Taurus, Capricorn and Scorpio.  Taurus and Capricorn, as fellow Earth signs, connect on a physical and emotional level with the Maiden.  All are grounded, practical and work-driven, and all see criticism as a neccessary part of life.  The brooding Scorpio complements the fastidious Virgo, providing a little spice and excitement.  Virgo in turn balances out the moods of Scorpio and has the patience for the scoprion's barbs and protective walls.  

Cancer and Virgo have trouble when the criticism begins.  Cancer is extremely sensitive, and can hold a serious grudge.  This is hard for Virgo to overcome, even after explanation.  Sagittarius and Gemini find Virgo boring and dull, while Aquarius and Virgo may never stop arguing (and not in the fun way).  

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