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Taurus Zodiac Sign - The Bull

Taurus Zodiac Sign - The Bull
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Taurus heralds the middle of Spring, a sensual, earthy moment in time, full of sensory delights and frolicking about in fields.  Likewise, the Bulls are obsessed with good food, pleasing textures, beautiful interiors and physical love.  Luckily, they are also excellent money managers.  Career is very important to Taurus, or at least a source of income to maintain their effortlessly luxurious, yet somehow grounded lifestyle.  They do not spend flamboyantly - they spend wisely.  And if they cannot afford that coveted 18th century French wingback chair they have their eye on, they will work and save until they can.  Much like their namesake, the Bulls work hard.  Whether it is in the office, the gym or a relationship, they give 110%.  Because of this they make the absolute best of friends.  Loyal to the extreme, they have your back and aren't afriad to burn bridges to do it.  Sound of mind, solid, steady, level-headed and realistic, they are the grounders of the Zodiac and extremely hard to ruffle.  Or get moving.  But avoid getting in the way of Taurus when they have started to move in one direction; you won't stop them.  "Subborn" doesn't do it justice. They will bulldoze right over you, ignore your logically-sound arguements and proceed on their way.  Or, worse, they will get angry.  A Bull gets angry - truly angry - only a handful of times in their lives.  And when they do, clear the room.  Give them space.  They will settle themsleves eventually, and continue proceeding on their way.  
One of the oldest constellations dating back to the Bronze Age, Taurus means "bull" in Latin.  It was officially names by the Greek astronomer Claudius Ptolemy in the 2nd century CE.  According to Greek myth, the constellation is associated with Zeus, the king of the Gods.  
As the middle of Spring, Taurus is essentially hemmed in place on either side by Aries and Gemini.  This means they are a Fixed sign, the most hardworking and logical of the Zodiac signs.  They thrive when bringing to life the ideas and visions of others who lack the skills and determination to see them through.  You want them on your team.
Taurus shares Venus with Libra, but the two manifest the planet's influence in different ways.  While Libra is the soft, sweet, romantic side of Venus, Taurus is the bold, physical, rich love of Venus.  Decadent foods, physical touch, depth of indulgence.  Taurus embodies permanent, deep love - hence their loyalty, commitment and dedication.
It makes sense for the fiscally conservative yet indulgent Taurus to rule the house of earthly posessions.  They enjoy amassing a tasteful, elegant empire and have a strong urge to create a home, whatever that looks like for them.  A home-base, some place to always return and feel safe, is very important to them.  As the 2nd house, Taurus has also grown beyond the 1st House of Aries and understands that the physical body interacts with the exterior world.  Unlike Aries, who focuses soley on the body, Taurus enjoys seeing how the body can play with the world.  Sensory gifts and experiences delight the Bull.  
Speaking of sensory...the way to a Bulls heart is through their body.  Touch, taste, scent and smell.  A spot of perfume, a delicious meal, the soft touch of a satin dress, and of course the most obvious - sex.  The Bull enjoys sex, truly enjoys it, more than most signs.  They don't need anything fancy, no wild adventures, just two bodies exploring each other.  They make the most wonderful lovers, and also the most loyal.  The Bull prefers to mate for life (after a period of frolicking in the fields, of course).  It will take them a long time to decide that you're the one, but don't take it personally.  The Bull moves at her own pace, and that's slow, but once she makes up her mind she will not change it.  Fellow Earth-signs Virgo and Capricorn make excellent partners for the Bull, as they all share the same realism and appreciation for keeping a level head.  Cancer shares a love of home and friends with the Bull as well.  Leo and Aquarius annoy the Bull, Leo with its love of the limelight and Aquarius with its, to the Bull, zany and illogical thinking.

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