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Aries Zodiac Sign - The Ram

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First-born of the Zodiac wheel, full of the vim and vigor of optimistic youth, with natural leadership skills, fierce loyalties and an enviable amount of courage.  Aries is wildly exciting to be around, constantly searching for new projects and passions, willing to try anything once.  You are the catalysts of the Zodiac, jumping in first and asking questions later.  If you fall you don't hesitate to pop right up again, full of boundless energy and that child-like belief that everything will turn out just fine this time around.  Never staying still in one place, Aries prefers change and variety rather than consistancy and security.  When this urge to switch things up becomes detrimental, Aries can become impulsive rather than spontaneous, irritiable if denied their way and self-destructive in their career and relationships when their independence is threatened.  With all that action your own inner flame can suffer burnout as well - make sure to take the time to stoke it again with a little self care.  As with all children, you can become self-centered and entitiled if you don't tame the flame once in a while and ground yourself from a raging bonfire into a settled, calm hearth fire.  Once you do, your energy can burn for eternity and provide life-giving warmth to those around you.
Aries translate to "ram" in Latin and noted as an official constellation by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century BC.  The Babylonians, well before the Greeks, also believed the Aries constellation to be in the shape of a Ram, as did the Ancient Egyptians.  The Egyptians associated it with the god Amun-Ra, a god with the head of a Ram and the symbol of creativity and fertility.  This stemmed from the fact that Aries appeared during the Spring Equinox, heralding a fertile, energetic and warm time of year for both Earth and humans.
Aries is one of four Cardinal signs, or leaders of the Zodiac.  You instinctively assume command, whether that is at work or at home.  Often you don't realize it, but others do - and usually will opt to follow.  Your ideas and visionary tendancies act as fuel for the Fixed and Mutable signs.  As with all Cardinal signs, Aries works best with a partner to implement her plans.  Not one for details, the best ideas the Ram might never come to fruition without another sign doing the nitty-gritty everyday work.
The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, the red planet 4th from the Sun.  In Roman mythology Mars was the god of war, an appropriate symbol for the Ram.  Ambitious, leader of people, bold and brave.  Mars is also made of mostly iron, one of the toughest and most durable metals - much like Aries.  
The first of the Zodiac signs on the celestial wheel, Aries is the baby of the group.  They represent the physical self and outward appearance, so they are often preoccupied with their reflection - or at the very least touch it up now and then.  The outer, visual world is most important rather than the inner subconcious.  The concisous mind is the name of the game for Aries.  The first born sign also represents new beginnings and the energy of birth, which makes them excellent entrepreneurs and start-up mavens.   Constantly throwing themselves into new projects, especially if they passionately believe in the cause, is catnip to the Ram.  They also embody the youthful characteristics of abundant energy and an incourigible optimistim in the face of danger or difficulty.
Hot, hot, hot!  Incendiary, passtionate, and often brief.  Aries thrives during that irresistable first flare-up of romance, the discovery of someone new, the thrill of pursuit.  They will make you feel like a Queen during the first months of the relationship, but eventually the fire begins to burn down.  It is a challenge for the Ram to learn that the beauty is in the slow burn of a lasting love, and not in the white hot flame of a flash in the pan.  The Rams do best with an equally intense lover, someone willing to bound through life alongside them and who supports their unending parade of new ideas/careers/passions.  You will never be bored when dating an Aries, both in life and in the bedroom.  Libra, Leo and Sagittarius work well with Aries, as they all love change and discovery and curiosity.  Capricorn can deflate Aries with its rules and regulations, while Cancer can aggravate Aries like no other sign (except perhaps Libra).

Have a Ram friend or want to show off your own sign?  Explore our Aries Zodiac Collection. 



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