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Pisces Zodiac Sign - The Fish

Pisces Zodiac Sign - The Fish
Ah Pisces, the ascended of the astrological signs, the most intuitive, magical, third-eye-seeing among us.  You see the world through rose-colored glasses and somehow, in a wonderful way, you help those around you put on their own glasses.  A generator of visionary ideas and a wealth of universal love, you see every one and every species as equals and do not hesitate to give everything you have to help others.  Otherwordly and a seeker of everything outside this realm, you create the most beautiful art and music and poetry.  But your watery depths of nostalga and love has the potential for self-destruction and delusion.  You can become enamoured of your own creations, loosing touch with reality and ignoring the practical neccessities of life.  Your boundless generosity can become people-pleasing, but at your own expense.  Motivation can vanish when you're mood sinks, and it is hard for you swim back to the top for air.  Learn from your symbol - it is two fish, not one.  You can either be low and stuck, or rise to the top.  Remember to keep a smidgen of realism about you, don't drown your sorrows in vices and always be generous to yourself first.
Pisces, one of the largest constellations and first recorded offically by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century BC, translates to "the fish".  The origin of the fish symbol stretches far back before the Greeks to the Babylonians, who thought the constellation resembled two fish linked by a cord. We still use the dual fish symbol for Pisces today.  That is also why it is considered a Water sign, along with Cancer and Scorpio.  Water signs live by the emotions of themselves and others, which can lead to deep sensitivity and empathy.  
Pisces is a mutable sign, rather than fixed or cardinal.  Mutable signs are little changlings, constantly evolving and shifting depending on the day.  Hence, Piscians are known to be changeable in emotion and decision (but mostly emotion).  
The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, a dreamy, soft, etheral planet with a beautiful cerulean blue color.  It is named after the Roman god of the sea.  It takes Neptune 165 years to made an orbit aorund the sun and spends 14 years in each Zodiac sign - amazingly, it is currently in Pisces until 2026!  It rules the areas of cosmic consciousness, ascension to the higher-self and divine potential.  
As the 12th and last sign of the Zodiac cycle, Pisces is considered the most-ascended and closest to reaching a higher plane of existence.  Spiritually they have evolved more than the other 11 signs before them.  Because of this they are often highly intuitive, slightly psychic, open-minded, loving, generous and peace-oriented.  They abhor hate and violence and cattiness.  Every human is a fellow and all species should be respected.  They do not catagorize or seperate by race, religion or species.  Peek the Third Eye collection, full of jewels and gifts for tapping into your intuition.
The abundant love flowing from Pisces and their go-with-the-flow attitude makes them extremely attractive partners.  But they are looking for something much deeper than your typical relationship.  They want to contect on both a physical and soul level, to transcend this earthly realm.  That is no small ask, but they are so optimistic that they fall in love very quickly because they believe every person could be the one.  Open to nearly anything romantically, they love experimental date nights, the unusal, the delightful.  As a mutable sign they also appreciate when someone else takes the lead, and will always have a good time.  
Fellow Water signs Cancer and Scorpio match best with Pisces, able to understand the depths of their emotion and know their needs without verbal communication.  Earths signs Taurus,Virgo and Capricorn will also do well with Pisces, grounding the water sign without smothering it.  They provide a pleasent complement to Pisces' expansive dreaminess, a tether to the land when they float away.  Their practicality can also help the dreamer Pisces implement their visionary and idealistic ideas.
Have a Fish in your life or absolutely love being one?  Explore our Pisces Zodiac Collection.


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