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Cancer Zodiac Sign - The Crab

Cancer Zodiac Sign - The Crab
Dripping with empathy, tossed about by waves of emotion, washed over with sympathy and full to the brim with nurturing love - the Cancerians of the Zodiac ebb and flow with their feelings.  No other sign can read or intuit emotions like the Crabs.  Governed by the Moon, they understand the cold, distant, unlit side of the unconciousness.  Sometimes this overwhelms them and they retreat into their shell, rebuilding and processing until they emerge stronger than before.  'Moody' is often used to describe them, and it is true.  But you would be too if you felt every emotion so deeply as the Crab.  And it is this depth of understanding that makes them wonderful friends and partners.  They have a natural need to care for others, especially those who are hurting.  In relationships they are hopeless romantics, which can mean the moodiness comes out when the picture in their mind doesn't match reallity.  Home is a crucial aspect of their lives, as the shell is to a crab.  It is more than a structure; it is a safe haven, a place in which they can let down their guard.  It is very difficult for Crabs to reveal their true selves to anyone.  They are extremely private, extracting plenty of information from others without divulging their own secrets.  To be completely honest, a Crab must have at least one secret she can keep to herself in order to feel comfortable - so allow her a few small secrets.
The faintest of the Zodiac signs, the constellation of Cancer was discovered by Ptolemy in the 2nd century CE.  It is named after the crab that Hera, Queen of the Greek gods, sent to kill Hercules.  When it was defeated she placed it into the sky amongst the stars.  
Cancer is the cardinal sign, or leader, of the Water signs.  The first of the summer signs, it forges ahead with a vision influenced by the sweet calling of the Moon and the song of whales beneath the sea.  Cancerians can tap into their rich creative depths to bring forth visionary ideas and thoughts, though often need help implementing them.  They are the "big picture" kind of leader, not concerned with smaller details.  If a Cancer is your boss, you're lucky.  They empathize with their employees, strive to keep them happy and productive, and often become a mother/father figure to them.
It is hard not to realize that the Moon governs Cancer.  There is something etheral about the Crabs, a part of them always searching for answers outside this realm, touched by magic.  Perhaps it's because their planet is the closest to us compared to every other Zodiac sign.  Much like the Moon they go through phases of mood, ups and downs, ins and outs.  Once you get to know a crab you'll get to know her mood cycles, like waves on top of the ocean.  You'll also realize that they are just waves - beneath the exterior emotions lies a vast sea of calm, deep, darkness.  She may retreat there once in a while, but she'll return to the surface eventually.  Browse a collection of moon jewels and gifts here.
Cancer has learned and understood the lessons of the 3 houses before it - Aries, Taurus and Gemini.  They build upon the 3rd House of Sharing and strive to create permanent relationships and spaces.  As mentioned, the Crab treats her home as an extension of herself.  She cares for it, loves it, and is very careful with it.  Try not to spill anything on her seafoam blue rug, please.  She'd never say anything out loud, but the brief look of profound sadness that passes over her face will cut you to the bone. Likewise, family consumes all of a Cancer.  Children, spouse, parents, siblings, they all get every part of her and she enjoys it.  But it can burn her out at times - remember to take time for yourself in the middle of all the kids' activities.  'Mothering' is a key word for any Cancer, male or female.  They just have a natural knack for making people feel safe and secure.  Oh, and food - they are excellent comfort-food cooks.
The watery depths of a Cancer romance lull you into love.  Gifts, dates, cards, flowers, food - and plenty of tiny moments that show they have listened to all your silly stories and remember that you fold your socks to the right.  More often than not, Cancer wants to settle down and have a family.  It makes them feel secure and gives them a focus and motivation for the rest of their lives.  A complication that can arise is the need for privacy.   Cancer takes time to open up and truly be vulnerable.  If they can open up a little, and their partner has patience, happy times are ahead.  Sign-wise, Cancer gets along famously with fellow water signs Pisces and Scorpio.  Pisces and Cancer drift along blissfully lost in a rose-pink sea, while Cancer and Scorpio bring out the spice in each other without butting heads.  Cancer and Taurus also do well together because both focus on family and have strong moral codes.  

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