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Gemini Zodiac Sign - The Twins

Gemini Zodiac Sign - The Twins
Witty, social and ever so curious - Gemini charms and chats their way into the hearts of those around them. Perpetually seeking entertainment and excitement, they thrive in mentally-stimulating careers and relationships. Words are their weapons and greatest asset at the same time. Don’t try to take advantage of the seemingly naive Gemini - the Twin aspect of their personality takes hold when they’re upset. Sharp, cutting and impartial, they’ll drop you quick as a flash and not think about it twice. The Twins are loyal friends and partners - but keep the spontaneity alive or risk their leaving for other adventures.
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The Gemini constellation, discovered by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD, means "the twins".  It is named after the Greek mythological figures Castor and Pollux, twin brothers known for saving people in trouble at sea or in war.  The two brightest stars in the Gemini constellation are named after the brothers.  The constellation conatins 10 named stars, along with the Jellyfish and Medusa Nebulae.  
Gemini is a mutable sign, rather than fixed or cardinal.  Mutable signs are little changlings, constantly evolving and shifting depending on the day.  They excel at communication and information.  As does your Gemini - they love sharing gossip, flitting from conversation to conversation.  Trivia is a secret way into their heart.
Mercury, the planet of the fleet-footed, clever Greek god of messengers, interpreters, finance and theives.  Mercury bestows upon his Twins a forked and intelligent tongue, a quick smile and even quicker ability to slip away unnoticed when needed.  The ever-changing nature of Gemini's twin aspects keeps everyone around them entertained or - depending on the mood of the Gemini - distracted.  While the Gemini's are not liars per se, they do enjoy a good verbal sparing, and aren't afraid to embelish or fib a little here and there to win. Lastly, Mercury loves to learn.  Gemini carries this trait as well, insatiable in their pursuit of knowledge in all forms.
Gemini has moved beyond the first two houses of the self and the exterior world, and turns back inward.  They rule the 3rd house of the Mind & Intellect, prizing internal thought above all else.  It is this that allows them to be such good communicators, as they absorb and interpret everything around themselves.  They love to digest information and dispel it elsewhere.  The 3rd House of the internal world makes them natural sharers - they know no boundries and will often over-share without a second thought.  

Geminis appear enticing to every Air and Fire sign because of their spontaneity, eagerness to laugh, sharp intellect and pursuit of personal hobbies.  Fellow Air signs Libra and Aquarius are particularly drawn to the Twins because they connect with each other on an intellectual level that cannot be found outside the Air signs.  A Gemini and a Libra or Aquarian can communicate without words, but most enjoy discussions and debates with each other.  They also share an observational view of life, prefering discourse to feelings.

The adventurous Sagittarius and Gemini can be a fabuously exciting partnership, though neither is good at tempering the other.  It may become overly dramatic or explosive.  Gemini is extremely attracted to Aries, as the Cardinal Fire sign.  This may be the most passionate pairing for the Gemini. 

Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio will be challening for the Gemini looking for love.  Taurus and Virgo may seem too grounded, too boring for the quick-minded and fast-moving Gemini.  Taurus' stubborness in particular will quickly drive Gemini into a fury.  Scorpio will never be as vulnerable as Gemini desires, and the dark brooding of Scorpio is not attractive to the nimble and light-loving Gemini.  

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